About us

Al-Qarni for the recruitment of manpower and the provision of domestic workers and professional employment will be a tributary pushing the direction of development according to the requirements of the Saudi labor market and aims to consolidate the idea of ​​creativity and mastery in this service based on cadres with a distinguished level and wide experience in the market, and aims to provide integrated solutions to its customers in all fields and fulfill their requirements With high accuracy and efficiency.

He is also distinguished by his speed, confidence, security, and credibility, as he lives up to the aspirations of his customers and, with their participation, reaches new standards for our services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and seeks to be his client who is the promoter of our services because he provides the best with high professionalism and professionalism, and our services are among the most important community services in which constant communication with all Segments of society to keep in constant contact and comprehensive awareness of the needs of customers and markets and to be prompt and immediate as the office is always keen to serve you at all times.

Al-Qarni office provides its pioneering services to its clients in the business sector and provides human cadres that meet the needs of the labor market from various disciplines (medical, technical, technical, engineering, professional and non-professional), through strategic partnership with specialized international companies to attract the best expertise and competencies. People from different countries, where the office is a trained and qualified work team that manages our integrated services with high professionalism, in addition to applying international quality standards in training and qualifying human cadres for our clients to achieve their ambitions and future aspirations

And to become the first choice for those looking for documented high efficiencies, and this is a product of the insight and sound thought adopted by the office.

Our Mission:
Our mission and mission are summarized in creating continuous growth and achieving fruitful successes with our valued customers. To achieve this, we invest our efforts and expertise to employ the best human elements and adopt the best work methods in order to achieve our vision and our desired goals, and customers and their aspirations will remain at the forefront of our strategies.

Our goal:
We will be the best guide to success without an alternative, the distinguished and dazzling success of the business owners, bringing their companies to the world, and elevating them to the summit of success and achieving the aspirations of those who want to work and employ abroad by working in trustworthy companies that secure their future and realize their hopes, and to be the best guide to success without an alternative.

Whatever success we have achieved, we never stop devising ways to improve our performance, and this is the secret of our progress, thanks to God Almighty, in the field of international employment, which guarantees a brighter future for our organization and for our clients who depend on us in selecting their competencies.
Where creativity and innovation are among the most important foundations on which the office was built, since the beginning of the growth and prosperity of the employment sector in the office is progressing step by step to become the first leading offices in the field of manpower recruitment, and the basic principle that you find in the office and we follow in its footsteps is that our clients are our partners and their success is from our success .

Rate us:
Perform as one team
Honesty and credibility
Maintaining performance standards
Confidentiality: the confidentiality of the information and services we provide
Responsibility to Society: We take moral and legal responsibility in all of our actions
Continuous improvement: we are keen to provide the best

Our services:
Specialized in the recruitment of domestic workers (domestic workers, babysitters, looking after the elderly, drivers, cooks and all the housework).
Reducing the burden of housework from interviewing skilled hands to optimal client selection.
Specialized in recruiting professional workers from various disciplines (medical, engineering, technical, technical, media, marketing, accounting and commercial, professional and non-professional).
Keeping pace with developments to suit the needs of the labor market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Providing consulting services to our partners.
Achieve leadership in employment.
Attracting talent with international standards
Providing all occupations workers in various fields

What distinguishes us:
The holistic view: We provide an integrated circuit of integrated services, as we have a distinct ability to translate the basic messages of each of our clients and deliver them across various platforms, through distinct and long-term strategies.
Adaptability: We are able to give each client a mix of integrated experiences in proportion to his needs, and respond to his requirements on time.
Keeping promise: As an office that provides the highest levels of professionalism, we aspire to create sustainable partnerships with our customers, and for this reason we are keen to meet customer expectations by balancing innovative ideas with realistic goals, while working diligently to constantly raise our standards.